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Flower sleevess
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          Established in 1993, we are a private enterprise engaging in the professional manufacture of soft plastic color printed packaging. As we are located in the Yongjiang Industrial Zone in the northern half of Ningbo city, adjacent to National Highway 329, we are in an advantageous geographical location with transportation being convenient. Possessing advanced assembly lines for our packaging makes our operation function smoothly. This range of equipment includes a six-color computer-overprint gravure

press, a new-style compounding machine, an automatic cutting machine, high-speed bag making machines and a microcomputer separate cutting machine.

       Among our primary range of products you will find sleeves for the packing of flowers, which come in transparent, foil, pearl paper, perforated non-woven, perforated foil and perforated pearl paper types. Our flower wrap series has types such as transparent, foil, pearl paper, non-woven, crepe paper, perforation and net wraps. Our other ranges of packaging include gift-wrap and BOPP punched bags.

      Our company's slogan states: 'produce fine packaging to enhance the beauty of the customer's products.' With this all-pervading spirit our company is ready to welcome new clients for talks on how we can cooperate. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can begin what could be a very fruitful relationship.